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Minimum order of  24 chicks
is required.
Our male to female ratio is ( 1 to 5 ) so we can  better guarantee fertilized eggs and keep track of them.
BB Red
BB Reds are alert, active and
have a cockiness to their strut.
They have a single comb.
Males have a black chest, with red/orange
feathers on neck and down the back.
Black tail with a green sheen to it.
Females are a much more subdued
shade of browns and reds, with a black tail.
Eggs are an off white color.
Average mature weight of roosters: 24 oz.
Average mature weight of hens: 20 oz.
Belgian D'uccle 
(Sold in an assortment of colors)
Belgian D'uccle's are a calm bird.
They have a single comb.  They have
 a low posture, a short but well developed
neck and a rather open tail-feathering.
Their legs are feathered, some call them
booted. Eggs are a creamy or tinted
Average mature weight of roosters: 26 oz.
Average mature weight of hens: 22 oz. 
(Sold in an assortment of colors)
Cochins are very gentle and are
excellent setters. They have a single
comb. Bodies are heavily feathered
making them appear to be larger than
what they are. Have feathered legs.
Cold tolerant. Eggs are a vary pale
Average mature weight of roosters: 32 oz.
Average mature weight of hens: 28 oz.
Red Pyle
Red Pyles are alert and active with a
confident personality. They have a single comb.
Males have a white chest and tail with orangish
feathers on head, down to the back. Some orange
coloring on the wings. The females breast and
front of the neck is salmon, while most of the 
remainder of her body is white.
Egg coloring is off white to tinted.
Average mature weight of roosters: 24 oz.
Average mature weight of hens: 22 oz.  
(Sold in an assortment of colors)
Silkies are friendly and docile and make
excellent setters. They have a walnut comb.
The skin of the silkie is purplish/black.
They have hair-like feathers that look like puffs
of cotton, and have feathering on their legs
 and feet. We have both the bearded and non-bearded.
Eggs are tinted white to light brown in color.
Average mature weight of roosters: 36 oz.
Average mature weight of hens: 32 oz. 
Assorted Clean-Legged
An assortment of Clean-Legged
bantams, our choice of at least
3 different varieties.
(BB Red, Red Pyle, Red Cornish,
Self Blue, Golden Campine,
Silver Duckwing, Fawn Duckwing
& Rosecombs)
Bantam Chicks
Chicks $2.00 each
Sold as Straight Run Only.
(Minimum order of 24 chicks)
Hatching eggs $1.00 each 
Bantam Hatching Eggs