Southern Farm Hatchery

Southern Hospitality


Choice Poults
$7.50 Each 
Bourbon Red Turkey
Poults $9.50
Hatching Eggs $4
The Bourbon Red is named for its unique
reddish plumage. The feathers are a dark
chestnut base color with white tails and
flight feathers.  Mature toms average
weight of 33 lbs.  mature hens 18 lbs. 
Blue Slate Turkey
Poults $9.50
Hatching Eggs $4
The Blue Slate is known for the slate
grey color of its plumage.  Mature toms
average 27 lbs., mature hens
average 18 lbs.  
Choice Hatching
Eggs $3.50 Each
Buff Turkey
Poults $9.50
Hatching Eggs $4
The Buff has a very light or reddish brown
plumage. Mature toms average 21 lbs, mature
hens average  11 lbs.  
Royal Palm Turkey
Poults $9.50
Hatching Eggs $4
The Royal Palm is best known as an
ornamental turkey. It's largely with bands
of metallic black. Mature toms average
22 lbs.,  mature hens average 12 lbs.