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Rio Grande Turkey
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The Rio Grande wild turkey is native to the central plains states
Adult females, called hens, are smaller in size compared
to the males, called gobblers, and similar in color but duller.
Hens average 8 to 12 pounds while gobblers may weigh
around 20 pounds at maturity.
Eastern Turkey
Hatching Eggs $5
Since the eastern wild turkey ranges the farthest north,
individuals can also grow to be among the largest of any of
the subspecies. The adult male, called a gobbler or tom, may
measure up to 4 feet tall at maturity and weigh more than 20 pounds.
A mature female, called a hen, may be nearly as tall but is
usually lighter, weighing between 8 and 12 pounds.
Osceola Turkey 
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The Florida wild turkey, also referred to as the Osceola,
is found only on the peninsula of Florida.
It’s similar to the eastern wild turkey but is smaller and
darker in color.
Merriam Turkey 
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The Merriam’s wild turkey is found primarily in the ponderosa
pine, western mountain regions of the United States.
Adult males are clearly distinguished from the eastern,
Florida and Rio Grande by the nearly white feathers on
the lower back and tail feather margins.
We cannot ship Wild Turkeys into AL,GA,ME, NC,NH,SC,VA.
Please check with your State Agency before ordering Wild Poults.


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